Established in 1982, our industrial real estate career spans almost 40 years. After starting in Gardena, California, we expanded throughout Greater Los Angeles, Southern California, and the entire United States. We owe it to hard work, SIOR, custom technologies, and most of all, our clients.

Map of Los Angeles Industrial Real Estate Areas

Real estate is a significant cost to business. It is permanent and visible. Real estate has the potential to be a competitive advantage and improve your business. Our advanced techniques were developed at leading universities and practiced by many large corporations.

You can read more about our corporate strategy here or view our individual strategies here.

4 in One Industrial Real Estate Strategy

We feature two types of investment activities:
1) Buying and selling industrial properties to regional and national investors
2) Finding investments and creating deals for our investment partners

You can read more about our investment activities here.Cap Rate Investment Spectrum Graph

During the COVID-19 pandemic many businesses were forced to adapt or be left behind. We chose to build and innovate. With the rise of decentralization we have chosen to pursue this technology as a viable way of doing business. To this end, we have developed our own decentralized solution in the form of KleinKey.

However, this is only the start of our venture into a virtualized form of business. With the rise of the metaverse being forecasted in the near future, we have also begun to experiment with options in virtual worlds and what it may hold for the future of industrial real estate.